David Norris is a banker, Rotarian, “outlaw” biker, and served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps.  He has extensive experience in leadership positions in both banking and Rotary and served Rotary as a District Governor and as a Rotary International Coordinator responsible for developing Rotary leaders for growing Rotary membership. 

Formerly, Happy State Bank’s Chief Operating Officer, David’s bank operations experience of 35 years covers the spectrum of bank operations, investments, asset-liability management, interest rate risk, enterprise risk management, balance sheet management, loan operations and administration, mortgage lending operations, information technology, corporate trust, wealth management, human resources, accounting, facilities management, regulatory compliance and audit. 

For 25 years, David helped Happy State Bank grow from a two location company of $20 million in total assets to its 35 locations in 24 communities and nearly $3 billion in total assets and is now the 18th largest bank in Texas.  He has also been the team lead on ten different bank mergers and acquisitions specializing in bringing the resources together needed for the compassionate takeover of another company and to introduce and mentor the new and recently acquired employees and teammates into the culture of Happy State Bank.

Now a full time C-level executive and entrepreneur leadership development and personal growth coach, David has dedicated his life to empowering and growing and developing those around him to be better leaders and better human beings.  His passion is leadership and helping others to find and realize their dreams through his speaking, coaching, and mentoring.  David is co-author of The Change 7- Insights Into Self-Empowerment, the fastest growing personal development book series in the world.

David’s education includes a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Chapman University


David’s Mission

My mission in life is to be the absolute best version of myself so that I can empower and teach people to create the life they love living.
David’s Core Values

I believe in people. – I know that each person is more powerful than any condition or circumstance and can truly live the life of their dreams.

I believe in growth. – By embracing and driving personal change we can grow into our highest and best self in service to others.

I believe in empowerment. – By pursuing growth and learning I empower myself and others to live into their dreams.

I believe in excellence. – We are all empowered with the genius to outperform the expectations we place on ourselves and the expectations of others.

I believe in integrity. – I live what I teach. I deliver what I promise..


David’s Rule of 5 – Five things I do every day to ensure my success

Every day I read ~ something that will inspire me, stretch me, help me grow

Every day I write ~ essay, blog, scripts, re-write notes

Every day I think ~ to empower myself to accomplish my goals

Every day I ask questions ~ of myself and others

Every day I plan ~ time is my most precious asset

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